High in Hope

Dear Friends

The Property Market, both residential and commercial is at a very interesting point the like of which I have not seen since my experience during 1970’s when I assisted with many property situations where there were problems. We managed to come through then with solutions which of course led to the many years of stability and improvement in property values. Quantative Easing however is a new concept the result of which we must monitor which I do as a member of the Advisory Panel for The Bank of England.

I am very involved in the charitable sector supporting young as well as the frail elderly people and recently huge cuts in the Local Authorities financial support over the Greater Bristol area has meant that organisations with which I am associated face big challenges to ensure delivery for both young and old. We knew cuts were coming and it is a question of how we can deliver more through partnership working. This is very high on my priority of things I do day to day.

I am a great believer in contra-cyclical investment and I am delighted that at long last Bristol Chamber of Commerce and The LEP are working in partnership with the Local Authorities have achieved The City Deal and at last a share of funding for infrastructure investment. I am associated with this work through involvement with the Transport Infrastructure Fund and with the opportunity offered by the election of a Mayor we have a chance in Greater Bristol now of achieving even greater returns for UK by improving our GDP which is already the highest per capita outside the South East.

My strap line is Think Commercially, Act Professionally, I think I should perhaps add in these difficult times Act Charitably and let us use just a little of our time and expertise to bring about the Big Society.

I am quietly confident that through investment and organisation we can achieve our vision for 2050 ‘High in Hope’ click here for more details. I have sponsored with others John Savages excellent publication. If you would like a copy just ask!

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